Innovative Applications of Our Expertise

At the Lorio Psych Group, we are eager to use apply our skill set and acknowledge in interdisciplinary and innovative ways. The breath and diversity of our provider’s experiences is the foundation for high-quality, engaging content delivered through avenues such as speaking engagements, curriculum development and integrated care consultations.


Integrated Care Consultation

There is a growing need for mental health consultation to providers, clinics and systems implementing and carrying out integrated care in primary care settings. Our group not only has a command of the scientific literature, but also practical experience in providing mental health consultation services. In fact, three Lorio Psych Group Members were instrumental in the text Pediatric Mental Health for Primary Care Provider’s: A Clinician’s Guide, published by Springer, a leading medical publisher.

Pediatric integrated & collaborative care consultation formats include but are not limited to the following:

  • Educational Content and Delivery Including Trainings, Lectures, and Grand Rounds Presentations

  • Needs Assessment Surveys and Summaries

  • Integrated Care Program, Policy and Procedure Development

  • Mental Health Screening Measure Selection and Procedure Development

  • Mental Health Treatment Algorithm Development

  • Informative Case Conferences for Primary Care Providers and Consultation to Primary Care Providers

  • EMR Template Development for Mental Health Visits

  • Supervision of Nurse Practitioners

  • Mental Health Community Partnership Facilitation

  • Integrated Care Mental Health Patient Intake and Follow-up Resource Consolidation


Race, Culture and Mental Health

As populations diversity, so to, do their needs. Mental health care and education of care providers must evolve to serve diverse populations well. Our providers include psychologists and psychiatrist with a variety of experiences producing and delivering educational content related to race, culture and mental health including speaking engagements at national conferences including the National Multicultural Conference and Summit, the American Psychiatric Association and the Urban League to name a few. Additionally, one of our members is the Executive Editor of the culturally tailored psycho-educational website and magazine OurselvesBlack.

Pediatric integrated & collaborative care consultation formats include but are not limited to the following:

  • Educational Content and Delivery including but not limited to

    • Lectures and Grand Rounds Presentations Related to Culturally Competent Care

    • Lectures and Grand Rounds Presentations Related to Implicit Bias

    • Interactive Workshops and Case Conferences

  • Consultations to Systems Regarding Workplace Diversity Issues

  • Media Engagememnt


Forensic Psychiatry Services

Forensic psychiatry is a highly specialized field with a focus on the intersection of psychiatric issues and law. Consultation, evaluation, report writing and/or testimony are completed by the psychiatric expert for legal purposes in civil or criminal cases.

Dr. Vinson completed a forensic psychiatry fellowship at Emory University, where she developed skills in the performance and documentation of forensic psychiatric evaluations. She is nationally board certified in Forensic Psychiatry. While completing her training at Emory, she gained familiarity with pertinent federal and state case law. Additionally, she received instruction and gained experience in providing legal testimony. With her background in child & adolescent psychiatry, Dr. Vinson is not only able to perform evaluations of children & adolescents, but she can also take a more thorough developmental approach in her evaluations of adults. Furthermore, Dr. Vinson has distinguished herself among her peers, earning her an appointment to the position of Psychiatric Advisor to the Judges' and Psychiatrists’ Leadership Initiative.

Some highlights of her experience are as follows:

  • Admitted as an expert witness in adult psychiatry, child psychiatry, trauma and forensic interviewing of children

  • Admitted as an expert and has testified in civil, family, criminal, state and federal courts

  • Consultation to prosecuting, defense, family law, civil and political asylum attorneys and courts

  • Served as Trauma Expert in Capital Murder Case

Have Another Mental Health Topic in Mind?

If your need does not fall neatly into one of the categories listed above, let us know. We’ll respond with a description of our ability to address it or, when applicable, with recommended resources outside of Lorio Psych Group if we are not the best fit.

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